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Within spanieldom, there are many different methods of making a good dog competitive. It seems like every year a new training gimmick surfaces. Many of those methods are "short cuts" which eventually bite-back with a dog who peaks and fizzles in just a few years. Worse yet - for the breed - those techniques disguise faults which, although not apparent in field trials, remain fixed in the genes and may haunt the breed for decades.

Ralph believes that there is no substitute for the tried and proven methods.

Smythwicks pup with Ralph And so, at Triple Ridges, your dog will be subject to a lot of basic obedience work. We call this "yard work." An emphasis is placed on forming a bond between the dog and his master. Only then can the dog be expected to hunt for you, not himself, in the field.

The same techniques that make for a good competitive field trial dog also works well for a well-trained gun dog, one that is a pleasure to own and hunt over.




A custom program will be designed for the needs of you and your dog. Please inquire about these services offered:

  • Basic Obedience
  • Introduction to birds and gunfire
  • Marking and Retrieving
  • Advanced Field work
  • Field Trial training and campaigning

Most importantly, many opportunities for the owner to train with the dog are made available through group training sessions. Personal coaching of the handler is as important as the dogs own training.





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